2023Science Graduate Student Travel Award, McGill University
2023Rathlyn Geography Fieldwork Award, McGill University
2022Dr. Lawrence Light Graduate Fellowship in Sustainability, McGill University
2022Graduate Mobility Award, McGill University
2022Global Health Scholar, McGill School of Population and Global Health
2021Canada Graduate Scholarship – Michael Smith Foreign Study, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
2021Professor Emeritus Ben Garnier Fellowship, McGill University
2021Graduate Mobility Award, McGill University
2021Globalink Research Award, Mitacs
2021Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Award, McGill University
2020McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI) Social Science and Humanities (SSH) Ideas Fund (P.I.: Turner, S.; Co-applicants: Pham, H. and Lynch, M. ‘I don’t trust supermarket food’: Supporting Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Asia.)
2020-23Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) – Doctoral Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
2019Research Scholarship, MinErAL Network, Université Laval
2019Graduate Excellence Award, McGill University
2018-21Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship, The Australian Commonwealth Government
2018Rowden White Scholarship, The University of Melbourne
2016Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Award (x2), McGill University
2016AAG Council Best Graduate Student Paper Award, American Association of Geographers
2015-16Rathlyn Geography Fieldwork Award (x2), McGill University
2015Graduate Excellence Award (x2), McGill University
2014PFF Community Leadership Fellowship, McGill University
2010Queens University Excellence Scholarship (declined)
2010University of Toronto Scholars Program Award (declined)
2010York University Entrance Scholarship (declined)