Teaching Geographic Thought & Practice at McGill University

This semester, I am co-teaching a course entitled Geographic Thought and Practice’ with Professor Sarah Turner in the Department of Geography at McGill University. This seminar-style course is meant to prepare undergraduate Honours students for their thesis research.


This course has two principal objectives. The first is to develop a critical perspective on the nature and practice of geography. We trace the history of the discipline and consider different paradigms and theoretical approaches that have been influential in its development. These include but are not limited to humanist, marxist, postcolonial, feminist and queer geographies, as well as critical race theory and political ecology. I am teaching this first section on geographic thought.

The second course objective is to focus on the process of conducting geographical research in preparation for Honours thesis research. We explore the practical and conceptual aspects of project design, examine a range of methods, and debate ethical and reflective concerns. This second section is taught by Professor Sarah Turner.