Course Lecturer

GEOG 470: Environmental Management (Concordia University, 2023)

GEOG 470: Environmental Management (Concordia University, 2021)

GEOG 381: Geographic Thought & Practice, virtual, (McGill University, 2021)

GEOG 381: Geographic Thought & Practice (McGill University, 2020)

Seminar Leader

GEOG 409: Geographies of Developing Asia (McGill University, 2021)

GEOG 409: Geographies of Developing Asia (McGill University, 2020)

INTD 200: Introduction to International Development (McGill University, 2020)

INTD 200: Introduction to International Development (McGill University, 2019)

ENVR 203: Knowledge, Ethics and Environment (McGill University, 2017)

Teaching Assistant

GEOG 494: Urban Field Studies (McGill University, 2020)

ENVR 201: Society, Environment and Sustainability (McGill University, 2019)

ENVR 301: Environmental Research Design (McGill University, 2019)

ENVR 203: Knowledge, Ethics and Environment (McGill University, 2016)

GEOG 210: Global Places and People (McGill University, 2016)

GEOG 217: Cities in the Modern World (McGill University, 2016)

GEOG 410: Development Geography (McGill University, 2015)

Student Feedback

“Melody was one of the most attentive profs I’ve had thus far. Any email sent was answered and she was always happy to set up a meeting to clarify any questions, it was very appreciated. She takes a relaxed collaborative approach and is very down to earth.”
She presented the material very clearly and concisely. The class was also very open to different viewpoints and opinions and allowed for great discussions on the topics at hand.”
She expected a very fair amount from us each week and was really nice!”
Was awesome, attentive and very inclusive”
“It was a very inclusive and dynamic environment which made the course very interesting and engaging.”
“the course was very well taught and caught the attention of the students”
“Understanding that public speaking is not for everyone, but still managing to create an atmosphere open to anybody’s input in discussions.”
Melody was super helpful with our project – she was always available and willing to answer any/all questions, and was responsive to our concerns. She had a lot of relevant knowledge for the course and definitely helped guide us to a better final project.”
She is a very understanding TA and is always helpful and ready to clarify concepts.”
Melody was an awesome TA– she was really helpful in the conferences and made the environment comfortable and learner–friendly.”
She is a super nice TA, willing to help her students and clearly wants you to succeed.”
Very helpful, insightful. Prepared us for the midterm well and engaged us in conferences. Also very easy to access (email) and gave helpful suggestions.”
She was very helpful when we asking questions about the research project. always available and responded to emails promptly”
very well organized conferences, I learned a lot and it was very interactive”
Very understanding and did her best to help with any questions or issues. Very generous with her time and energy.”
Very thoughtful and responsive.”
Melody was very helpful in clarifying points that were confusing to me. She was especially patient when I would repeatedly ask for clarification on one topic that I really struggled to wrap my head around.”
I loved the way her conferences were run. It was a great peer review session that was structured enough so that there was not much idleness.”
Very nice TA, Kindly would explain anything and support us through this course.”
Very nice and easy–going TA. Very approachable and well–organized when it came to questions about assignments or course material.”
Offered great help to our group project.”
Really good Teaching assistant. I really enjoyed conferences :)”
A very responsive and nice TA. Especially like the concept of talking in small groups and switching during the conferences, because it helped students engage more and open–end up many different ideas.”
Provided engaging questions, made conferences very enjoyable.”
She was very kind and knowledgable, even though I only met her once, she helped us a ton getting our project going.”
Ms. Lynch was always available to meet during office hours and she was very helpful in explaining assignments or course material. After the Covid outbreak, she was particularly helpful over email. I never had to wait more than 3 hours for a response.”
she always replied quickly and gave a lot of useful information in class and through emails!”
Melody was great. Very enthusiastic, helpful, and accessible outside of conferences.”
Elle est superbe. Elle nous écoute, nous aide à travailler et explique bien.”
“I appreciated the extent to which the class felt like a seminar rather than a lecture. The open discussions were pleasant and engaging in a way we seldom get to experience in an undergrad course.”
“What I found interesting is that Melody’s style of teaching is by bringing us into a giant circle to talk about the topics at hand while also allowing us to communicate with each other to develop a conversation.”
“I really enjoyed the seminar style of the class. Having a discussion after the article summary was very instructive. Getting students participating, and give their own thoughts was very refreshing (compared to other 200-300 level classes where you regurgitate the information from the prof). Getting clear and direct feedback of the submitted summary was very appreciated, knowing where to improve or change.”